digital twin

One’s Not Enough! Time for Twins

Here’s a poser: Could ‘digital twin’ boost green initiatives to help find sustainable solutions? A little honesty will help here. Everyone wants to lead a ‘good’ life. But we don’t know how to get there sustainably. Our old methods continue to destroy the only habitable planet we know of. We are clueless in reversing the damage […]

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Why Digital Twins & BCI Complement Each Other ?

Elon Musk has a history with drilling holes. First, The Boring Company. Now, Neuralink. Musk wants to drill holes in the brain with the Neuralink’s Brain-Computer interface (BCI). The idea of thought-as-an-interface to the computers has been around for a while. A variety of BCI devices already exist in the market, ranging from medical applications to mood […]

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Digital Twins, Digital Threads, Digital Ghosts and Digital Shadows

The proliferation of IOT devices, the ability to gather and manage big data, and the emergence of sophisticated analysis and prediction technologies, are now pushing the adoption of digital technologies. As enterprises gear themselves for the digital transformation, new terminologies such as — Digital Twins, Digital Threads, Digital Ghosts and Digital Shadows — are becoming […]

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Digital Twins vs Simulation: Three Key Differences

Digital Twins is a concept, not a single product or a piece of technology. Multiple technologies—3D simulation, IOT, 4G/5G, big data, blockchain, edge computing, cloud computing and artificial intelligence —come together to make the concept a reality. The core principle is, for a physical entity or an asset, a digital equivalent in the virtual world. […]

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Digital Twins : The Wisdom of the Crowd

Wisdom of the crowd, credited to Aristotle’s theory of collective judgement, is a well-established principle. The core premise is a group of people collectively make smarter and better decisions, in comparison to the individual experts. Plenty of examples are available around us—Wikipedia, stock market, Google navigation, user rating on websites like Amazon, AirBnB and, of course, those most-dreaded business […]

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